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Fuzhou Min-tai Machinery Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2005. It has been engaged in the manufacturing of egg processing equipment for 15 years and has rich industry experience.As well as continuous technological upgrading and innovation, which has won a good reputation based on egg equipment industry.The products involve egg washing, grading and packing , marinated egg processing, liquid egg and other series, widely used in breed farm, food processing, biopharmaceutical and other fields.


How to effectively reduce the usage cost of the egg washer machine?

How to effectively reduce the usage cost ...

How to effectively reduce the cost of the egg washer machine. Our egg washing machine has a robust structure, stable performanc...

What problems should be paid attention to in daily use of egg packing machine?
As the use of our egg packing machine becomes more and more common, its quality is getting higher...
Laying hens are very sensitive to environmental changes during laying
The evironment factors can cause to decrease the rate of laying hens,the laying hens are very sen...